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zz9's Journal

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
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ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha is the Official HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy Appreciation society.

This community will be used to disseminate Hitchhiker and Douglas Adams related news.
You can watch this community by adding ZZ9 to your friends page.
You can read it via an RSS or Atom feed from RSS and ATOM.
If you have any problems email lj @ zz9.org

If you have any news or information that you think may be relevant then please drop us a line at publicity @ zz9.org

ZZ9 was formed back in 1980 so 2010 is its 30th anniversary. We publish a quarterly 28 page A4 club magazine that is written by fans for fans. Check out the Mostly Harmless section of our website for details about what has been in the last few issues. As well as publishing the magazine the society also runs its own events which are listed in our ZZ9 Events diary.

You can join us and start receiving your copies of our magazine by filling in the membership form that is downloadable from the Membership section of our website. Although being UK based we have members in Europe, the United States and Australia.

ZZ9 is a non-profit making organisation run by fans for fans. We sell merchandise, but ONLY to members, in order to keep the membership fees as low as possible. This is mostly t-shirts, badges and the world famous Beeblebears (two headed, three armed teddy bears with an eye-patch). See the Merchandise lists.